Anecdotes of our love

He sees the pain behind my smile and at first I am ashamed but then I realize I no longer have to hide my heart because I found the one it belongs to

He will not recount my dreams because they still haunt him when he wakes

With all the heart I have left I will love you for each moment your heart loves mine and long after our story has faded from the stars and seeped into the unknown cracks of the universe

He is thankful, that every night I remind him to pray

You took me away from the scorn and abuse of fools, for the way you were my guardian I am grateful

I waited so long to love and be loved

He tells me that right now it is his turn to take care of me

I was thinking about hell when he told me that I was beautiful

I will love and uplift you through failures

Your pinky promise calmed the anxiety in my chest

You love me exactly the way I need to be loved and that’s how I know you and I were suppose to be

Though fearful I could not love you back, you did not expect we would both fall in love again

we say “I miss you” when times are stressful and “I love you” always

I do not have to look at you long before I am content with my right now and looking forward to our future

I love you


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